Polka Dots

Badash Crystal Beatriz Ball Bowls Carrol Boyes Cocktail/Bar Accessories Michael Aram Pitchers and Carafes Serving and Tabletop

The best gifts arrive in polka dots with the N. S. Merill & Company label. 

Polka dots are the very in item of the season.  They make you smile; they make you lighthearted; and they make you feel frivolous.

I just read that one of the major high end shops in New York City covered the facade of their store in dots- as well as created windows with dotted merchandise.  They are contagious!

N. S. Merill & Company (ns-merill.com) has packaged with polka dots since we opened in 2003.  Now you know what our secret appeal is!

We love packaging party gifts in our signature polka dots for our customers.  Some of their favorites from NS Merill and Company are:

Michael Aram Black Orchid Cheese Knife Set

Badash Crystal Tristian Carafe

Carrol Boyes Rice Bowl What’s inside

Beatriz Ball Vento Bowl Oval

Our customers are always proud to give a gift from NS Merill and Company and always arrive in style!


Please visit us at our website ns-merill.com or stop in our shop for a unique gift from one of our many artisans.



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