Tan Skin; Crazy Days; Late Nights; Summer 2012!

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Let the Parties begin!

Summer is all about kicking back, relaxing and keeping things casual. This relaxed vibe also tends to inspire us to entertain more.

At N S Merill & Company we think there are more spur of the moment get togethers this time of year. So pick up your phone and invite some special friends over this weekend.  Make it simple.  Appetizers, martinis, lots of ice, and voila...summer entertaining.


Picture by Tumblr

Some ideas for serving:

Appetizers would look great on our Butterfly Canape Plates from Caskata


Serving martinis or lemonade, the Lemonwood Pitcher  by Michael Aram would be perfect


Martini Glasses by Badash Crystal would be perfect for your drinks or desserts


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