The Perfect Picnic

 Fill Up A Basket

Yes, a cooler is necessary for perishable items and drinks, but a chic picnic basket like the Mirabel 4 Person Picnic Basket by Picnic Plus adds a touch of fun-or formality-based on the intended mood of your outing.  Baskets come in a variety of styles, from traditional wicker filled with casual china and wine glasses like the Sebago 2 Person Picnic Basket by Picnic Plus to more inexpensive baskets filled with bamboo tableware like the Eco 2 Person Picnic Basket by Picnic Plus.  Just make sure it has room for all of your nonperishable essentials, whether it be food items-think bread and crackers, dried fruit and nuts-service pieces or important extras such as tongs, a bottle or can operner and plastic bag for trash-no one likes a litter bug.


Perfect Picnic Items:

*    Whole fruit will have a longer life and hold chill longer than precut fruit salad.  Frozen grapes also make a great snack.

*    Avoid quick-to-spoil mayonnaise.  Use vinaigrette-based dressings for salads and pesto and chutney for sandwiches.

*    Roasted nuts and dried fruits make for outdoor friendly snacks.

*    For an easy dessert, bring individually wrapped pound cake with berries.

*    Traditional Southern foods such as ham biscuits and fried chicken are always appropriate for picnics.

*    Pack cheeses that taste better when warm, such as Brie and goat cheese.

*    Keep drinks cool by freezing lemonade or tea in ice cube trays the night before.  Pop the cubes into a Thermos and fill it with      more of the same beverage.  Your drinks will stay cool without diluting the flavor.

 *    Skip the bag of ice-ice packs are effective and easy. 


Article taken from Delta Sky Magazine

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